The Team

Our team is made up of people who live, eat and breathe Cinema every minute of their lives. It comes like second nature to them to picturise everything as if it’s part of a movie. To them, every light, every location tells a story. Every angle unfolds a tale untold. And every nuance of life presents an idea that sparks their creativity and fuels them to pull the strings of perfection.

Key Members

Ashish Parashar:

Experience. Knowledge. Passion. Vision. All these qualities when combined in one person, creates the man who conceptualized Pull the Strings in the first place – Ashish Parashar. This young film-maker brings to the table a solid experience of over a decade – a time period in which he has enriched himself with great learning and expertise about the workings of the industry and all its intricate details. He has been part of numerous well-known Television Shows, Concerts, Talent Shows, and Television Commercials, garnering loads of appreciation for being a prolific Director, Producer and Content Developer. With his uncanny ability of spotting the right talent for the right jobs and an undying passion for Cinema, he has played a great role in bringing the company to what it is today.


Jitendra Yadav:  

Bursting with ideas round the clock, this man is the personification of ‘creative living’. He is a person of polite manners, but at the same time, a force that creates a long lasting effect on whoever interacts with him. Just 10 minutes spent with him makes one see things with an entirely new perspective, from angles one may not have perceived before. Well, that’s Jitendra Yadav for you! Having started out as a rookie with Channel V when the channel was at its peak, Jeetu climbed the ladder with his uncompromising eye for perfection and yen for the different. He also had several stints in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain before becoming an irreplaceable part of Pull the Strings.


Late Rohit Sinha:

A young man with a rare capacity to take risks at the right time for the right things, Rohit Sinha was a smart businessman through and through. He was sharp as a tack when it came to making intuitive decisions and strong as a wall when it came to fulfilling his commitments. An engineer and a hotelier, Rohit brought his immaculate business sense to the world of film-making and has been successful in creating content that has always been a sure-shot success. The fact that he was one of the youngest producers to invest in a film only begins to tell how invaluable his contribution has been to the industry.


Sandeep Srinivas:

A man of many talents and resources, Sandeep Srinivas has had an extremely thriving career in the industry. From being part of well-known Television shows to ad films to meaningful documentaries, he has been there and done it all. And this is the kind of experience that we get to harness in Pull the Strings and create magic like never before. With his great sensibilities when it comes to direction and generation of content, he adds great value in every single project.

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